Fitness 5 Station Commercial Multi Gym Set

  • Heavy duty steel frame
  • Offers maximum versatility and endurance
  • Durable

1,550,500.00 1,600,000.00

5 station home gym, 4-sets 145lbs weight sets, multi-function commercial brand meet School, Gym and Hotel Fitness Club use. 5 station home gym contains two suit 145LBS dead weight stacks filled concrete vinyl plates. Dural powder coating finish Pivot point on leg developer correctly align with knee joint for biomechanics. it can be used for triceps extension, abdominal crunch, leg extension and leg press high pull AB crunch, triceps push-down, lateral pull down bicep curl, pectoral fly, seated press bar row and preacher curl Bench press, leg kick back, seated shoulder press, dip arm Upright row, standing leg curl, standing shoulder knee raise and dip arm chin up, sit up dumb bell exercise and twister With lateral pull bar, ankle strap and power tower

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